Chellis Silva Associates (CSA) has established a reputation for leadership and innovation as consultants to the retirement housing industry.

CSA’s national practice boasts twenty five years of specialized market research and conceptual, financial, and program planning for the development of retirement housing.  Since 1974 when Robert Chellis began planning the first continuing care campus in Massachusetts, Carleton Willard Village, he has remained a forward thinker and industry leader.  Today, through the commitment and expertise of his leadership, CSA has remained a leading force in the retirement housing industry.

Our Mission is to serve as your in-depth resource during the planning and development stages of senior housing projects.  CSA can serve as your one-stop introduction to the senior housing market.  Whether your organization is developing a new senior housing facility or expanding an existing one, we can help you to define the best programs, develop useful financial feasibility studies, strategize the best development course, and assemble the best project team.  Our experience, insight and skills will help make your project successful for everyone involved-- board members, residents, staff and investors.

Chellis Silva Associates offers an array of services to clients in the retirement housing industry.  A strong advocate for improved housing, health care and services for the elderly, CSA’s national practice specializes in market research, conceptual, financial, design, and program planning for the development of housing and supportive services for the elderly.  CSA was a pioneer in the conceptualization of innovative life care communities, complex versions of tiered elderly housing which offer their residents extensive social, health and support services.  Today, CSA is leading the field with research into the new wave of retirement living that will meet the evolving needs of the baby boomer generation. 

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